April 9, 2009 meeting

We had a round table discussion and there were nine (9) members. We talked about what meds do or do not work for us. The members gave some good information of what can be done to help your rls. I also told them that if I come across any info regarding new information on rls will definitely pass it onto them.

I cannot thank this group enough because if it was not for them, we would not have such a successful support group. I had mentioned that some of us have our rls under control but is so important to come to these meetings to support each other.

Everyone thank you again. I am very proud to be your Support Group Leader

Charlene Travelstead

support group meeting 10-9-2008

Dr. Kazmi was our Guest Speaker today and it went very well and he was very informative. He left time for any questions after his meeting. After the meeting, we had cookies and drinks.
Our meeting today, August 14th went very well. We had five (5) members including one new member. We addressed the rls situation and then talked about some other things. It was very informal and everyone enjoyed it. For our October 9th meeting, we are going to bring in some goodies and drinks.
For our June 11th meeting, we are going to have a round table discussion. This will give everyone a chance to address whatever they want to.
Our next meeting will be Wednesday, June 11, 2008
at the Public Library in Lake Havasu City, Arizona
For more information, please e-mail